Frequently Asked Questions 

// How long does it take before I receive my order?

Shipping time depends on the material ordered. Overall the smaller, more compact photo prints take less long to arrive. Framed photo's are bigger, heavier and the production process is longer.

In my experience the following delivery times seem reasonable:

The Netherlands // 7-14 days

Europe // 7-14 days

Rest of the World // 14-21 days


// Do you ship frames abroad?

I prefer not to ship frames abroad as the risk of damaged glass during transport is high. But I have a back-up plan for this. I can send you the photo + passe-partout so the only thing you have to do is arrange the frame.

Contact me if you like to know more about this option!


// Do framed photographs come with a hanging system?

Yes, a hanging system is connected to the frame.


// What if my product got damaged during transport?

Well...that's not what we want. Of course I will try to fix this! Just contact me and we will have a look at it together.


// What postal service do you use?

For deliveries in The Netherlands I like to use PostNL or the delivery service my printing company offers (for frames containing glas).

For international shipments it depends on the location. PostNL is a good option, although with bigger shipments I would prefer an international shipping company.


// Can all materials be shipped everywhere?

Photo prints can be shipped all over the world, no worries. Wrapped in a sturdy carton tube or strong envelope.

International shipping of photo frames containing glass isn't the best idea. As the risk of broken glass at arrival is high. Contact me if you