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NEW - A4 Cards

I wanted to make available some of the cards I also sell on markets throughout the year. They are basically big postcards, but the quality is great. Otherwise I wouldn't sell them :)

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Interview - LEVEN! magazine

LEVEN! magazine is a classic The Hague glossy and for this years' summer edition they wrote me a 6-page article! My most comprehensive article yet. It is a very nice and substantive piece written by Caroline. Many thanks!

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Jop knows better than anyone how to make art out of surf photography. When you order something, he personally ensures that everything is arranged super well.


When I first saw Jop's photos, the style and atmosphere in his photos really appealed to me. I contacted Jop by phone and opted for a photo print on 1mm PVC because of the durability of the photo. It looks great and hangs nicely!!