The Line Up Book

The main objective and wish the Line Up Book crew had, was to collect the most stunning photographs of the best surf spots and share this incredible collection in a special edition book.

To reach their goal they asked photographers from all continents to send in a selection of their best shots. In the end over 4000 wonderful photos from 60 photographers were send in! The key requirement was a minimum of two waves on the picture. A strict selection process began. Going down from to a selection of 1500 photos, then 450, 180 and finally 80 images remained before going to print. For this final cut a variety of landscapes, seasons, countries and angles were chosen.

Every surfer and ocean enthusiast can now dream away with the most mesmerising point- reef- and beach breaks from all around the world.

I am so proud being part of the "Line Up" book!

 For your own copy visit: The Line Up Book

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