Memorial Book Scheveningen

On May 11, 2020 we lost 5 watermen to the sea at Scheveningen. As a result of this terrible event with a huge impact, several people started writing and sharing poems, photographs and other art pieces.

From inside the surf community the initiative arose to bundle a number of these poems in a memorial book. Subsequently, a number of photographers, an illustrator and designer were asked to design the book. We have done this completely selflessly in the hope of being able to offer something of comfort with this special book.

To preserve a strong personal character of the book, we asked all the writers to send in their poem, handwritten. You also see a gradient from dark to light in the photos and illustrations; hope & comfort.

The book was a one-time edition of 350 and sold out. With an amount of €20 per booklet we were able to cover the printing costs. The entire amount that remained as profit was donated to the volunteers of the KNRM (Royal Dutch Rescue Society).

Scroll through the book for free at Memorial Book Scheveningen.

Mockup of an open book with the picture of a breaking wave in dark tones against a white background Mockup of an open book with a photograph taken from the sea of a harbour wall a harbour wall
Mockup of the memorial book behing a white background Mockup of the memorial book with a photograph of a breaking wave and a poem.
Mockup of the memorial book with the photograph of a sunset with surfers in the water. Mockup of a closed memorial book

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